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Companion piece

That’s the title of the book I just finished reading. It’s a companion piece to Ali Smith’s season series, and it has been my companion for a while, particularly its final part telling the story of the girl and the curlew, their unlikely companionship and her struggle to find her place in a hostile world. It resonated with me, and if I quote from it, you may want to read it too:

„But the world with people in it is a kind of filth compared to this afterlife she actually did not need to die to find.“


„Take care what you make. Beauty can anger as well as please.“

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If John Burnside writes well about men, Siri Hustvedt writes well about women. The title The Summer Without Men somehow implies who plays the main role. Men have a presence in this book. A presence that is examined and re-evaluated.
And then there are the women – remarkable in old, middle and young age. A very loving portrayal of what it means to be old and frail is one aspect that I loved about this book. And what it means to have hidden so much in a lifetime, yet to find a  way to tell the story in the end  (in the case of  Abigail – one of the so-called Five Swans). Then there are the changes of perspective. The analysis of „indirect“ emotions (while watching a film) versus „direct emotions“ confronted with the death of a loved one. The dialogue with me, the reader. A woman myself, drawn into the circle in Boden.
After the bout of madness comes Mia’s healing. The only thing I was missing in that process was a female friend from her past. Somehow, that person didn’t seem to exist. Maybe she’ll come after the return to New York. After all, a substantially changed life always invites new people in. Let’s see where it takes the poet and teacher Mia. I liked her. And I liked reading about her circle.

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The fabric of life

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana ….
…is set in Kabul. And tells Kamila’s story. It’s about the threads that hold a family together. And sometimes an entire community. Or a dress. I would have loved to see the sewing workshop. And I’m delighted to read that women in Afghanistan wear green on their wedding day. You’d like to learn more about this country that too many of us consider a ‚lost cause‘? And about entrepreneurial spirit? Read this book by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.

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University life

Sometimes a book takes me by surprise. Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers certainly did. I thought I was going to get some light crime fiction entertainment and found myself immersed in thoughts about women and academia instead. The book was first published in 1935 as one of the ‚Lord Peter Wimsey‘ novels. Yes, Lord Peter features as well, but the most interesting character is the writer/hobby sleuth Harriet Vane and her emotional struggles.

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Neulich habe ich meine S-Bahn Station verpasst. Schuld daran war ‚On Canaan’s Side‘ von Sebastian Barry. Was für eine große Geschichte – erzählt aus der Sicht von Lilly Bere, die glaubt, am Ende ihres Lebens angekommen zu sein. Der Tod ihres Enkels lässt sie über die vielen Begebenheiten nachdenken, die ihrem Leben immer neue Wendungen gaben. Ein Kaleidoskop irischer und amerikanischer Geschichte. Und ein wunderbares Buch über die Liebe.

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