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A fashion statement

I like clothes and what they say about me and others. I like reading Vogue magazine. And I was intrigued by ‚The Thoughtful Dresser‘, because the title implied that it goes beyond skin-deep observations on fashions. In fact, the book does all but that and Linda Grant (who has a blog with the same title) finds unusual ways into the minds of fashionistas. She writes about Auschwitz. And 9/11. About the truths of nakedness and the comfort (and discomforts) of a pair of shoes. And the family stories told by handbags. One German translation of ‚thoughtful‘ is ‚wohlüberlegt‘ – I try to apply that to the clothes and accessories I wear. And another is ’nachdenklich‘ – and that’s what the book made me.

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The fabric of life

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana ….
…is set in Kabul. And tells Kamila’s story. It’s about the threads that hold a family together. And sometimes an entire community. Or a dress. I would have loved to see the sewing workshop. And I’m delighted to read that women in Afghanistan wear green on their wedding day. You’d like to learn more about this country that too many of us consider a ‚lost cause‘? And about entrepreneurial spirit? Read this book by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon.

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